How To Create A Winning Google Ads Campaign From Scratch

How To Create A Winning Google Ads Campaign From Scratch – New to Google Ads? Not sure where to start setting up your first Google Ads campaign. So in this blog post, I’ll show you how to properly set up your first Google Ads campaign.

So in this video I’ll show you how to set up your first Google Ads campaign. What you need to do and what you should do to set it up correctly.

How To Create A Winning Google Ads Campaign From Scratch

How To Create A Winning Google Ads Campaign From Scratch

So, let’s begin. So when you go into your Google Ads account, you go to campaigns, and in this case I’m talking about search campaigns, right? Let’s move on to the campaign and the new campaign. We will create a very simple and basic campaign. You have all of these available options, sales contacts, etc. We will continue to create a Google Ads campaign without Gold’s Gardens using this option to give us all of the Google Ads bidding capabilities as well as all of the available features. Some of these options limit us and we can’t do it.

How To Create A Successful Google Ads Campaign For Local Businesses

So let’s click on this. Now on the search screen you have all eight different campaign types. Let’s move on to search campaigns, which run on Google when you type something and four ads appear at the top and four at the bottom. These are the ones we are talking about now. So you can create text ads or phone number ads and show them in Google search results on Google sites and Google partner sites that ask you here. You can only specify the website address. Then you enter the name of your campaign, and this is very important.

This is where most people go wrong when dialing this number. I am initially inclined to rule this out. If I don’t get a lot of impressions and clicks, I can come back here and turn it on, but you don’t want to include the Display Network in the Search Network. Ads from the same campaign. There are two different networks, two different metrics. So if you want to sell a product, the Display Network will create another campaign, which is really important and you will save a lot of money. Your budget won’t be wasted and will only be shown to people who search Google for a specific keyword and you want your ad to show because it’s so easy to miss the “Show more settings” option here.

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Let’s get into it. We have start and end dates. This doesn’t usually bother me, but if you want to stop your campaigns after, say, Christmas or after a certain event like Valentine’s Day, you might want to put them there so you don’t lose money. If you forget to stop it because most businesses are closed on Christmas, and if you don’t want to start it after Christmas, set a date, but I usually don’t set a date. I’ll just start from today’s date or from a future date. If you want to start in a week or 10 days, you can set a start date, set everything up, and then on that specific day the campaign will start.

In this case, advertising scheduling determines where, when and on what days to show it. So if you want to run every day, Monday to Friday or on weekends, or you can select the days you want and then the time, if you want to run every day 24/7, that’s fine, but let’s say if you want to run . your Google ad campaigns between 9 and 5 which is your work time just use it accordingly and if you want to spend a little Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday you can but let’s say you work half a day. . So. done

Next is your location. You don’t want to do all countries and territories, and if you’re targeting your own country, you can do that, or if you want to enter a specific location, you can go to the advanced search and enter a radius. Let’s say I want to drive a 10 mile radius around where I am, you see this circle and I know my ads will show up here and save them there and you can have multiple locations as well. This way you can add as many as you want.

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Google now recommends the first option: don’t use it. Use this one. So I only want people who are in my target location or have been there regularly, not people who have shown interest in my target location.

The second language to exclude is English, which is fine for me. We don’t have to worry about the audience because that’s what we do with keywords. So in a moment we will introduce keywords.

How To Create A Winning Google Ads Campaign From Scratch

Again, this is where they’ve made it a little more confusing for newbies because most people will think, “Oh, I only have these betting options and here says it’s not recommended.” I would recommend you go there and now you have your goal, cost per conversion, ROAS and all these automated bidding strategies, but now we’re going to manually set up CPC targeting when you don’t have data in your account posts and campaigns. . I usually run it manually so I have full control. See what’s happening, what’s not happening, and then I’ll move on to auto bidding, which is fine, and optimizing for conversions is fine.

How To Create A Revenue Generating Google Ads Campaign

So here again there is this little link that most people miss that is extremely important. Now in this video I won’t show you how to set up conversions, but you need to set up conversions without conversion tracking. Advertising should never be shown, so you will have to adjust the conversion, whether at the account level or the desired conversion action.

All ad extensions must be added, including sitelinks, callouts, phone numbers, placements, code snippets, and quotes. The leader is new, completely new. So you can add them all and then save and continue.

So here’s the thing: You have this type of ad group. You want this standard to be non-dynamic. I’ll leave this as standard. Name your ad group and then start typing in your keywords.

So if I did, Google gave me a bunch of keywords by looking at the website address I entered when setting up the campaign. What you don’t want is to have a lot of keywords on different topics, for example, online marketing agency is good, and small business marketing agency can go to web marketing agency, creative digital agency and digital advertising companies. These are different keywords, different keywords by topic. You want to keep the theme strong. Properly group your keywords into a group, such as five, six, or no more than ten, and then copy and paste them here.

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The Best Google Ads Training Courses (free And Paid)

You shouldn’t go to such a wide match. He says the wider party has nothing. Just enter the keyword as it is by default. It will be very broad and you will not get targeted traffic. Matching sentences is good. I’ll put quotes. So I’ve done them, I’m going to save them and continue.

You can now bid on a keyword at the ad group or keyword level. So, in this case, we will be bidding at the keyword level. Make it simple for you. ok Correct the errors. Okay, I’ll just paste this in for now and I’m going to give the ad group the name “Digital Agency.” So, I know that such keywords exist. Whereas in others it might be Google Ads or Pay Per Click and just by looking at this name I can see that this is a group of keywords that is in this ad group and now we have to save and now we move on to creating ads .

Now by default, the new default in Google advertising is responsive search ads. As you can see, it has several headings and several description lines. This was done by crawling the website. He is very smart in this regard. And you go and add more. As you can see, the power of advertising. You want to be good or great. As you begin to write, you will find that the power of advertising begins to grow. You can also get ideas from here by clicking here.

How To Create A Winning Google Ads Campaign From Scratch

And you will have a lot of ideas about what you want.

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