Online Scholarship Management System

Online Scholarship Management System – Scholarship Cloud Management Increase efficiency and measurement throughout the grant lifecycle with our highly flexible, end-to-end solution for scholarship providers.

From applications and grants to testing and reporting, Cloud for Scholarship Management is a comprehensive solution to simplify collaboration and align the entire grant process – regardless of the complexity or scope of your programs. Whether you’re a foundation or a higher education institution, our Cloud platform enables all of your stakeholders with centralized consent modules and gateways that can be configured to meet your needs.

Online Scholarship Management System

Online Scholarship Management System

Increase your prize money while saving time for your applicants, managers and acquaintances. Cloud for Scholarship Management is built with a suite of highly configurable modules that can be easily customized to meet all the unique requirements and processes of your grant and financial aid programs. You may want to include, add, or change as much or as little of Cloud for Scholarship Management as is necessary to ensure that your processes are authentically protected as much as you want. Configure the Cloud to accommodate a unique adjudication process Streamlined applying applicants to awards Review and support applications faster through workflow automation Responsive support whenever you need it

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Manage all your rewards programs and operations in one platform Cloud for Scholarship Management is a comprehensive solution designed to help you manage your rewards programs the way you want. With all its modular components, you can only tailor the cloud to meet your specific requirements. Whether you are a foundation that manages a simple educational institution or an educational institution that manages financial aid and teaching resources according to specific guidelines, everything can be handled under one roof. Learn about the Cloud

Explore Cloud for Scholarship Management Application Manager Modules From scholarship applications and award reconciliation to approvals and reporting, Cloud for Scholarship Management is a comprehensive scholarship management solution to streamline collaboration and streamline the entire award process – regardless of the complexity or scope of your programs. Whether you are a foundation or a higher education institution, Aspire enables all of your orders with centralized consent modules that can be configured to any requirement, all through our highly flexible Cloud platform. Configure learning and application forms to fit your unique goals. From higher institutions to basic education, Cloud for Scholarship Management can be configured to meet the specific needs of your application process, no matter how complex or unique. Choose from different types of country, each with its own farms and protections. Access robust search and filtering tools to make your application process more efficient and get your money back faster. Send automated communications to applicants, staff, and reviewers so they’re always informed. angle to better inform your future opportunity and make more informed decisions with more confidence. A centralized repository of all application forms to access the program, including academic applications, financial applications, and educational applications. Organize all application information by source, type, status, notification, contact, and quickly identify and resolve bottlenecks in your application process. the flow of applications throughout the entire life cycle I manage and supply staff activities and features in each application for wider documents I design an optimal experience for all your applicants, nominees and awardees your audits, awards and staff up-to-date with personal portals that provide. them with information to shape their role in the application process Streamline the scholarship submission experience for your eligible recruits with easy-to-fill online application forms Manage and configure all of your application forms to capture every detail you need, no matter how far along your process is. Make it easy for your applicants to track the status of their applications – whether submitted, approved or paid – from their accessible portal wherever they have internet access. Portal logos, colors, and terminology can be customized to match your organization’s brand and the experience you want to create. Cloud for Scholarship Management ‘s powerful Award Matching feature, program administrators can automatically find the most suitable award candidates by simply matching the program’s requirements with the attributes of their applicant pool. Institutions of higher education also leverage the Financial Aid Manager Cloud for Scholarship Management to simplify the administration of entrance awards, government loan programs, and general opportunities in one, convenient location. Develop your aid options and financial aid with greater clarity Provide a configurable, transparent view of all aid and aid resources to better see how they are used Create a defined program framework with eligibility parameters to better provide your requests based on the most relevant opportunities. in personal data profiles Consolidate data related to applications and rewards to save in administrative time easily create questions and rules in your framework, which on the part of the application Reduce tedious administrative hours in the application, finding the important information you need in seconds; no hours Simplify matching applicants with the most suitable awards Simplify how applicants search for the most relevant study opportunities, while saving program administrators time matching auditors with the right awards. The Cloud for Scholarship Management Award Matching feature allows your applicants to access their profile information, academic merit and expertise to automatically propose only the most suitable opportunities. by using data from the current SIS to automatically match student profiles to the most suitable opportunities Update opportunities on the fly, from anywhere Save time creating new rewards or modifying opportunities as your funding. develop priorities and organizational goals Create and update repayment cycles for each new year without submitting historical price data Add and update information on-site for any award opportunity anywhere you have Internet access Fund Manager Cloud for Scholarship Management’s Fund Manager module helps you track every award award regardless of the source of financing in your process. Effectively monitor scholarship and program payments, schedule payments, automate donations, incoming donations and create financial reports – all from one convenient location. Organize your financial programs in tandem with your other systems Grant opportunities and resources to ensure accuracy, visibility and clarity throughout your programs View all financial programs not having other Aspire modules to navigate and set up two Integrations. a way between Aspire and your financial institutions to synchronize all your fund and payment data Consolidate payment records from your external systems in the Cloud for Scholarship Management to cross-reference information about funds more seamlessly Get detailed reports to facilitate the relationship between your available awards and funds Dive deep into the rewards of certain funds and see all programs of your funds from any angle you need Get a detailed breakdown of all payments made from your funds, with a record of each affiliate application in general, detailed reports with binding charts and comprehensive figures how much how your funds are used to easily track incoming donations and monitor their disbursement, providing you and your donors end-to-end, how their contributions make a difference Synchronization of funds with other higher education systems for greater visibility of tracking funds. By connecting more closely with the finance office, it helps other campus partners to provide better student services. Review Manager Cloud for Scholarship Management’s Review Manager module gives your reviewers remote access to all the information they need within one intuitive portal. Gain greater visibility over assigned applications and tracking in real-time through charts and graphs. No matter how complex or unique your process is, Cloud for Scholarship Management can customize and streamline scholarship evaluations from start to finish. Share all your reviewers, committees, boards, and boards, all your reviewer groups, and their designated applications, and consolidate points more easily and with less pain. help applications to review by specific dates and individuals within a group easily generate a consolidated submission for different groups of reviewers to streamline how you receive their evaluations an easy-to-use and comprehensive review process With all your review forms available online, reviewers can stay on top of their assigned duties with all the information they need Using personal review portals with dashboards, your reviewers get a complete overview

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