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Wade Motawi, "The Shoe Dog"


Meet Our Founder and Lead Instructor

Wade Motawi, a veteran shoe designer with over 25 years of experience, began his career in 1995 by traveling to shoe factories in Asia to study and document shoemaking techniques. He later led teams of footwear designers and developers on training missions to these same factories. 

Throughout his career, he has held various roles including designer, developer, product line manager, development group manager, advanced technology group manager, footwear buyer, sourcing manager, and consultant. He has also lived and worked extensively in the far east. 

In addition to designing shoes, Wade has also written several highly rated books on the subject of modern shoemaking and founded Shoemakers Academy to share his expertise with others.

Wade Motawi "The Shoe Dog"

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Our modern footwear courses provide your team with in-depth instruction detailing the Shoemaking Process from Design to Development to Mass Production.

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Your team can choose OnDemand Video Lectures, Live Zoom Sessions or Schedule In-person instruction with our teachers.

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The Shoemakers Academy offers everything you need to jump start your shoemaking education. Text books, hand tools and shoe materials for our students are in-stock now.

Wade Motawi Teaching shoemaking class

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Level Up Your Team

Our courses and coaching provide your team with in-depth instruction detailing shoemaking from design to development to mass production.

Zoom & In Person

Choose OnDemand video lectures, live Zoom sessions, or schedule in-person instruction with our professionals.

Textbooks & Materials

Shoemakers Academy has everything to fast track your shoemaking skills. Textbooks, eBooks, hand tools, shoe materials, and more.

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What kind of shoemaker are you?

A quiz about YOU! To make your shoemaking journey easier, please tell us a bit about YOU and your biggest challenges as a shoemaker. We can help. Take the 30-second About YOU discovery quiz.

Your shoemaking questions answered.

We provide both basic and advanced shoemaking knowledge. Every day we receive shoemaking questions from our friends around the world. Here are our best answers to your most frequently asked shoemaking questions.

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The Shoemakers Academy hosts live and virtual events to meet Wade Motawi, “The Shoe Dog,” and our other instructors. Our shoemaking events cover footwear design, development, and manufacturing. Bring your questions and challenges! See our schedule of upcoming events.   

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