Scholarship Management Software For Higher Education

Scholarship Management Software For Higher Education – Eliminate barriers and reach the right applicants with a system designed to streamline the scholarship application process. Each student receives a time-saving personalized view of scholarships that match their qualifications.

Fewer scholarship committee meetings. High quality student application. Easier process than ever. All this is possible when you give all your stakeholders access to a central solution.

Scholarship Management Software For Higher Education

Scholarship Management Software For Higher Education

With a unified database for donor reporting, you can stop spending time wrangling disparate post-acceptance workflows and share compelling impact with donors in each award cycle.

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Rewards Management can help transform your college or university’s student rewards program. Watch this overview video to see how we can help streamline the scholarship process and revolutionize donor leadership.

Keep donors updated on how their scholarship funds are being used. Put important information for your gift executive at your fingertips.

When you connect award management to Raiser’s Edge NXT using a free connector from our partner Red Arch, your gifting executives get a 360-degree view of constituent award activity directly within Raiser’s Edge NXT.

From guided application to on-demand support from scholarship professionals, we are there for you every step of the way.

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It’s no wonder that top institutions believe in 40 years of influence in higher education – and growing faster every day.

Take the next step to your organization’s success with reward management. Please fill out the form and our friendly team members will be in touch to understand your requirements. Maximize efficiency and scale throughout your award lifecycle with our highly flexible, all-in-one solution for cloud scholarship providers for scholarship management.

From application and award matching to approval and reporting, Cloud for Scholarship Management is a comprehensive solution to simplify collaboration and streamline your entire award process – no matter the complexity or scale of your programs. Whether you’re a foundation or a higher education institution, our cloud platform empowers all your stakeholders with a central suite of modules and portals configurable to meet your needs.

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Scholarship Management Software For Higher Education

Maximize your award funds while saving time for your applicants, administrators, and reviewers Cloud for Scholarship Management is built with a suite of highly configurable modules to meet all the unique needs and processes in your awards and financial aid programs. Can be easily prepared. You choose to add, add or modify more or less of Cloud for Scholarship Management to ensure it supports your processes the way you want them to. Configure the cloud to match your unique awards process Match applicants to awards Simple review and award applications through workflow automation Fast and responsive support when you need it

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Manage all your award programs and operations on one platform Cloud for Scholarship Management is an all-in-one solution designed to help you manage your award programs the way you want. With all its components modularized, you are able to uniquely tailor the cloud to suit your specific needs. Whether you are a foundation running a simple scholarship program or a higher education institution managing bursary opportunities with financial aid and granular criteria, everything can be managed under one roof. Learn about the cloud

Explore Cloud for Scholarship Management Application Manager’s modules From award matching to scholarship applications and approvals and reporting, Cloud for Scholarship Management is a comprehensive scholarship management solution to simplify collaboration and streamline your entire award process – the complexity of your programs Or scale doesn’t matter. . Whether you’re a foundation or a higher education institution, Aspire empowers all your stakeholders with a central suite of configurable modules to meet every need, all powered by our highly flexible cloud platform called Cloud. Configure Scholarship and Award Application Forms to Meet Your Unique Goals From higher education institutions to foundations, Cloud for Scholarship Management can be configured to meet the specific needs of your application process, no matter how complex. or being unique. Choose from many field types, each with their own settings and access security Robust search and filtering tools Send automated communications to your applicants, staff and reviewers to make your application process more efficient to get funding faster May they always be ‘above’. -To-date’ educational institutions can choose to integrate with other departments, faculties and campus systems so that everyone can be unified using the same solution, better informing all of your scholarship applicant and awardee data. Access and report on all your data from every angle. Future opportunities and more confidently informed decisions. Access a centralized repository of application forms for all your programs, including scholarship entry submissions, financial aid applications, and scholar grants. Organize all application data by source, type, status, deadline, contact and more, quickly identify and resolve bottlenecks in your submission. Process and improve the flow of applications throughout their lifecycle Manage and store activities and staff notes within each submission for more comprehensive documentation Create a seamless experience for all your applicants, candidates, and awardees , keep awardees and staff up-to-date. Simplify the scholarship submission experience for your applicants with responsive, easy-to-complete online application forms, personalized portals that provide them with information tailored to their role in your submission process, and all your information to capture the details you need. Organize and configure application forms. , be that as it may. Complete your process Enable your applicants to easily track the status of their application – whether submitted, approved or paid – from their portal wherever they have internet access. Accessible The portal’s logo, colors and wording all match your organization’s branding. And the experience you want to build the Awards and Financial Aid Manager Cloud for Scholarship Management Awards and Financial Aid Manager module gives you complete control over how you automatically match candidates with available opportunities and across all your programs. funds the Using Cloud for Scholarship Management’s powerful award matching feature, program administrators can automatically find the most suitable candidates for an award by easily comparing the characteristics of their candidate pool against program requirements. Higher education institutions can also harness the power of the cloud for scholarship management financial aid administrators to streamline the management of admissions awards, government loan programs, and general scholarship opportunities in one, convenient location. Develop your awards and financial aid opportunities with greater clarity. Provide a configurable, clear overview of all your awards and financial aid funds to see how they are being used Create a defined program framework with eligibility criteria to provide the most appropriate opportunities to your applicants. Consolidate data related to applications and awards to save administrative time based on their personal profile data Easily create questions and rules in your award format that appear on the application side. Sort applicants to the most appropriate awards, not hours How your applicants find the most appropriate scholarship award opportunities Saving program administrators time Matching applicants to the right awards Cloud Scholarship Management’s award matching feature Your applicants profile their Information, academic qualifications, and automation expertise enables program staff to quickly filter the list of best-fit candidates based on the award criteria to suggest only the most suitable opportunities so that you Find the most qualified individuals faster Higher education institutions can realize significant time savings by leveraging data. Their SIS updates your award opportunities with the most relevant opportunities to match existing student profiles to the most relevant opportunities, without the need to create new awards or modify existing opportunities. Losing valuable historical delivery data Add and update information on the spot at any award event where you have internet access Fund Manager Cloud for Scholarship Management’s Fund Manager module Every amount awarded regardless of funding source in your process helps you keep track of Efficiently create scholarship and award program budgets, schedule payments, automatic disbursements, incoming donations, and financial reports – all from one, convenient location. Coordinate your program financial processes with your other systems Link your available scholarship award opportunities and financial resources to ensure accuracy, accountability and transparency across your programs. – Integration between Aspire and your financial institutions to sync all your funding and payment data within the cloud Integrate payment records from your external systems for scholarship management Cross-reference funds reporting to facilitate correlation between your available awards and funds Get granular with Dive deep into specific awards from specific funds and view all your program finances from any angle you need Get an in-depth breakdown of all payments allocated from your funds Create robust detailed reports with a record of each relevant application . Graphs and detailed statistics on how much your funds are being used Easily track incoming donations and monitor their distribution,

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