Becker Scholarship

Becker Scholarship – Knowing Nick Becker gave David Eiler a new perspective on the true weight of the sacrifices made by our soldiers. Now, the Law Offices of David Eiler is looking to lend a helping hand to the serving military who wants to start or continue law school. To be considered for a scholarship, you must first write about your experience in the military and then tell us why your experience serving our country will help you in your legal career. If you feel military experience is in conjunction with your education

The Nick Becker Scholarship is named for veteran Nick Becker, who has been instrumental in building the David Ayler Law Offices into the thriving business it is today. Nick was an excellent lawyer who had a lasting impact on everyone he worked with.

Becker Scholarship

Becker Scholarship

Many veterans suffer from PTSD after entering civilian life, and Nick is no different. On March 31, 2017, Benjamin Nicholas “Nick” Becker, 36, US Army veteran, Sand Sharks Veterans Club, USCB alumnus and humanitarian law writer, made a tragic decision. of suicide. Our hope is to give you the memory of a soldier or soldier who hopes for a bright future in law school.

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The Nick Becker Scholarship is for any active duty military or service member pursuing law school. The transition from military life to law school was not an easy one for Nick Becker. His journey inspired the Law Offices of David Eiler to help an active duty member or veteran improve their legal education while reducing their financial burden.

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Each year, the Law Offices of David Eiler will award $1,000 to a brave veteran or military veteran to continue their legal education at an accredited law school in Nick’s honor. Submit your application and requirements below. One of the awardees, Olawale Arewa, currently holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Lee and is continuing his studies with a Master of Science in Accounting to fulfill his ambition to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). )

“It is an honor to be a recipient of the Newton D. Becker Scholarship,” she said. “With this scholarship I have the resources and tools to prepare for the CPA exam and achieve my goal of becoming a CPA that will enhance my career and take it to the next level.”

This year, Becker Professional Education, a global leader in professional education and part of the DeVry Education Group, awarded more than $450,000 in scholarships to individuals who demonstrate continued commitment to obtaining the CPA certification and advancing their careers. ‘ accounting. .

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According to a press release, 240 students nationwide were awarded full or partial scholarships to take the Becker CPA exam through the Newton D. Becker Scholarship Program.

Steve Gradman said, “We are proud to award nearly half a million dollars in scholarships this year to candidates pursuing the CPA degree, which we know will positively impact their careers and help establish them as leaders in their fields.” Becker is the president and CEO of American Accounting for Professional Education.

Recipients will be able to use the money to earn their CPA credentials – a dream often unattainable if they don’t have the resources to support their journey.

Becker Scholarship

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must be an accounting professional or student, demonstrate a financial need to prepare for the CPA exam, and, through their own words, demonstrate key attributes for Newton Becker: good character, strong leadership qualities, and Becker. The site is committed to creating a community, based on the site.

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After Newton D. Becker passed away in 2012, the scholarship program was established to continue his legacy of helping bright, dedicated and professional students pursue their dreams of earning a CPA degree and advancing their accounting careers. Newton started Becker Professional Education in 1957 when he pioneered a new way to prepare candidates for the CPA exam.

For more information on the scholarship and how to apply for the 2018 award, people can visit the Becker website.

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Becker Scholarship

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ChatGPT Chats Are Expired – See Now How Google Kills ChatGPT Doesn’t Happen Instantly The business game is longer than you know. Becker Professional Education announced nearly half a million dollars in scholarships in 2017, and several Illinois State University students were among the scholarship recipients. According to, through the Newton D. Becker Scholarship Program, more than 240 Certified Public Accountant (CPA) candidates will receive full or partial scholarships to take the Becker CPA exam.

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The Newton D. Becker Scholarship was established in 1957 to honor Newton D. Becker, founder of Becker Professional Education. He passed away in 2012, but his legacy continues to empower students in their careers.

Liz Diakonow, executive director of the Becker Professional Education brand, said the Newtown D. Becker program helps students with financial difficulties. The program offers 240 candidates, helping students achieve their dream of obtaining the CPA credential.

“The whole purpose of this scholarship is to help financially challenged students take the next step in their career development,” Diakonov said.

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“I am very honored and humbled to receive the Newton D. Becker Scholarship. As a parent and breast cancer survivor, the scholarship made it easier for me to study for the CPA exam and gave me the confidence to succeed,” said Hicks. He said in an interview.

Students seeking the 2017 Newton D. Becker Scholarship must meet the CPA’s eligibility requirements, demonstrate financial need and provide their certification in their application. Students must demonstrate characteristics important to Becker, including good character, strong leadership qualities and a commitment to community service.

“His (Becker’s) leadership, passion and dedication to student success has helped thousands of our students and scholars pass the CPA exam,” said John Roselli, president of the career school.

Becker Scholarship

The scholarship application deadline is February 1. Recipients will be notified starting February 28th and can redeem until May 31st. For more information and to apply, visit the Becker website.

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