Scholarship Management Software

Scholarship Management Software – Maximize performance and measurement throughout your award lifecycle with our highly flexible, all-in-one solution for cloud-based grant management grant providers.

From applications and award matching to approvals and reporting, Cloud for Scholarship Management is an end-to-end solution to simplify collaboration and streamline your entire award process – regardless of the complexity or scale of your programs. Whether you are a foundation or a higher education institution, our cloud platform empowers all your stakeholders with a centralized suite of modules and portals that can be configured to suit your needs.

Scholarship Management Software

Scholarship Management Software

Maximize your award funding while saving your applicants, administrators and reviewers time The Scholarship Management Cloud is built with a set of highly configurable modules that are easily adapted to meet all the unique requirements and processes in your award programs awards and financial aid. You choose to add, add, or modify as much of Cloud for Scholarship Management as necessary to ensure that it officially supports your processes the way you want them to. Configure the cloud to match your unique rewards process Connect applicants to rewards Deliver applications faster with simple overview and workflow automation and responsive support when you need it

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Manage all your awards programs and operations on one platform Cloud for Scholarship Management is a complete solution designed to help you manage your awards programs the way you want. With all its modular components, you will be able to tailor the cloud in a unique way to meet your specific requirements. Whether you are a foundation managing a simple scholarship program or a higher education institution managing financial aid and scholarship opportunities with detailed criteria, everything can be managed under one roof. Learn about the cloud

Explore Cloud Application Manager Modules for Scholarship Management From scholarship applications and award matching to approvals and reporting, Cloud for Scholarship Management is a complete scholarship management solution to simplify collaboration and streamline your entire grant process—regardless of the complexity or scale of your programs. Whether you are a foundation or a higher education institution, Aspire empowers all your stakeholders with a centralized suite of modules that can be configured to meet any requirement, all powered by our highly flexible cloud platform called the Cloud. Configure scholarship and award application forms to fit your unique goals From higher education institutions to foundations, Cloud for Scholarship Management can be configured to meet the specific needs of your application process, no matter how complex or unique they may be them. Choose from multiple field types, each with their own settings and safeguards. Access to robust search and filtering tools Send automated communications to your applicants, staff and reviewers to speed up the application process and be more efficient. Higher education institutions can choose to integrate with other departmental, faculty and campus systems and centralize all your scholarship applicant and awardee data to bring it all together using the same solution Access and report all you data from every angle to better inform future opportunities and make informed decisions with greater confidence. Access a centralized repository of all your program application forms, including scholarship applications, financial aid applications, and scholarship applications Organize all application data by source, type, status, deadline, contact, and more and quickly identify and resolve bottlenecks in your submissions, improving application flow throughout their lifecycle Manage and collect activities and staff notes on each submission for more comprehensive documentation of the process Create a relevant experience for all your applicants, applicants and awardees Keep your applicants awarded and staff up-to-date Customized portals that provide information tailored to their role in the submission process Responsive, easy-to-fill online application for your applicants Simplify the scholarship submission experience with Forms Manage and configure all your application forms to capture the details, that you need. Your entire process can allow your candidates to easily track the status of their applications – submitted, approved or paid – from their portal, accessible anywhere they have internet access Portal logos, colors and terminology can be adjusted to match of your organization’s brand and your award and Scholarship Management Financial Aid Manager Cloud You want to create an experience and Financial Aid Manager modules give you full control over all your software tools and automate how you connect applicants to available opportunities . Using Cloud for Scholarship Management’s powerful award matching feature, program administrators can automatically find the most suitable award candidates by easily comparing program requirements with the characteristics of their applicant pool. Institutions of higher education can also manage the power of the cloud for Scholarship Management financial aid manager to facilitate access to awards, government loan programs, general scholarship opportunities in one, convenient place. Develop your award and financial aid options with greater clarity Provide a configurable, clear view of all your award and financial aid funds to better see how they are being used Create program frameworks defined with eligibility parameters to deliver your applicants more personalized options based on their personal profile data to save administrative time Consolidation of data related to applications and awards Easily create questions and rules in your awards framework Displayed on the application side Significant reduction of tedious administration time by finding key information needed in seconds, not hours Guide applicants to the most relevant awards Simplify how your applicants search for the most appropriate scholarship opportunities Program administrators save time finding right applicants for the right awards Scholarship Management’s award matching feature allows your applicants to use information about their profile, academic qualifications and experience to automatically offer only the most suitable opportunities Program staff can quickly filter the list of best qualified applicants based on the award criteria so that you are the most qualified individuals can be found faster Higher education institutions can achieve significant time savings by using data Their current SIS to automatically link student profiles to the most -the right opportunities Update your award opportunities from anywhere Save time creating new awards or create award cycles for each new year as existing opportunities change as your funding priorities and institution goals evolve and Update Lose valuable historical data for submission Add and update information on the spot for any award opportunity, wherever you have Internet access The Fund Manager Cloud grant management module Fund Manager helps you track every amount awarded in your process, regardless of funding source. Effectively monitor scholarship and award program budgets, schedule payments, automate payments, generate incoming donations and financial reports – all from one convenient place. Integrate your program’s financial processes with your other systems Pair your available grant options and funding resources to ensure accuracy, auditability and clarity across your programs See all of your program’s financial data without having to navigate back and forth across other Aspire modules Set up two Aspires to synchronize all your funding and payment data and drive integration between your financial institutions Consolidate payment records from your external systems in the cloud Manage scholarships Cross-forward funds to become more seamless Get detailed reports to facilitate the connection between your available awards and funds Dive deep into specific awards from specific funds and see all your program finances from any angle you need Get a deep breakdown of all payments made from the fund as well as generate detailed reports with a record of each relevant application. Graphs and comprehensive statistics Easily track incoming donations and monitor their disbursement, giving you and your donors the best view of how their contributions are making a difference Synchronize award funds with other higher education systems for even greater visibility Office of Financial Aid and Pursue funding with more confidence by connecting with other campus partners. Portal. Gain greater visibility into the status of applications assigned to reviewers and monitor real-time results through charts and graphs. No matter how complex or unique your process, Cloud for Scholarship Management adapts and streamlines scholarship award reviews from start to finish. Assigning all your reviewers, committees and panels is easy Organize all your reviewer groups, their assigned applications and results with greater simplicity and fewer headaches Consolidate, add and assign reviewers to specific groups for complete control over your reviews. Help award applications review specific dates and individuals within a group Easily create unified application document packages for your different groups of reviewers How to simplify their evaluations and access all your review forms online for easy-to-use and comprehensive review process Reviewers use custom reviewer portals with dashboards to give them all the information they need about their assigned responsibilities Can stay on top, your reviewers will get a full overview of this

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