Grand Canyon University Merit Scholarships

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Grand Canyon University Merit Scholarships – PHOENIX, October 7, 2020 // –Grand Canyon University’s Student Inspiring Students (SIS) scholarship program has received a five-year, $500,000 grant from The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation. The grant will fund full-tuition scholarships for “Parsons Scholars” – high school seniors who are the most academically qualified of the SIS recipients. The largest single gift in the program’s history, the multi-year scholarship will provide life-changing opportunities for high-achieving young people who might not otherwise have access to an education in college.

“Supporting higher education, and organizations like Grand Canyon University, is more than funding a scholarship, it’s about investing in someone’s future,” said PXG Founder and CEO Bob Parsons. “Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, and I am proud to support those who are willing to work and earn a college degree.”

Grand Canyon University Merit Scholarships

Grand Canyon University Merit Scholarships

The SIS Scholarship Program is a public-private partnership in which a community-minded university, local businesses and donors, K-12 schools and a pay-it-forward scholarship program make a significant impact on the education of various communities within the city of GCU. Each year, the university awards full-tuition scholarships to students from inner-city high schools who maintain a minimum 3.5 grade point average, demonstrate financial need and complete 100 or more hours of necessary tasks such as college readiness exercises and academic assistance at GCU’s innovative. Learning Lounge. The Learning Lounge offers free one-on-one tutoring from GCU’s best and brightest students to any K-12 student who asks for help.

Kevin Ware, Regional Admissions Grand Canyon University

“GCU’s SIS Scholarship Program gives motivated students in underserved communities the tools they need to not only pursue higher education, but to excel,” said the President and Chief Creative Officer of PXG Apparel Renee Parsons. “These programs give hope and empower students to follow their dreams.”

In the last six years, more than 4,500 students from 150 neighboring schools have used this service, making almost 60,000 visits to the Learning Lounge for 140,000 additional study hours. Along with the free tutoring program, GCU has awarded 361 four-year, full-tuition SIS scholarships to high school seniors who attend the Learning Lounge. These SIS recipients, in turn, pay it forward while in college by providing 100 hours of mentoring to the next generation of K-12 students behind them — helping other students in the same way that they got help. More than 90 percent of SIS recipients are students of color, reflecting the demographics of the communities surrounding GCU.

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“We are very grateful to Bob and Renee Parsons for their generous gift and their recognition of the transformative impact of this program,” said GCU President Brian Mueller. “First, the impact of the Learning Lounge program on our neighborhood elementary schools is tremendous. Second, that full-tuition scholarships provide high-achieving students with the opportunity for a college education. regardless of their socioeconomic status, changing their family’s trajectory for And third, the recipient will also impact hundreds of future K-12 students while paying it forward as a college student and Learning Lounge tutor. our neighborhood involved in the SIS Scholarship Program every year.”

The first cohort of Parsons Scholars will be selected by GCU’s SIS Scholarship Committee and announced in December 2020. The application deadline for the SIS Scholarship is October 30.

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Founded in 1949, Grand Canyon University is Arizona’s premier private Christian university. GCU is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and offers more than 270 academic programs, majors and certificates for traditional students and workers. The university’s curriculum emphasizes interaction with classmates, both in person and online, and individual attention from instructors, while combining academic rigor with Christian values ​​to help students find the their purpose and become competent, caring professionals. For more information, visit

About the Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation provides support to nonprofit organizations that succeed in empowering, educating, nurturing and nurturing people in what is often the darkest time of their lives. . The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation was founded in 2012 by philanthropists and business leaders Bob and Renee Parsons to bring hope and life-changing assistance to the nation’s most vulnerable populations, offering critical funding to those critical time for those in need. The Foundation’s contributions are driven by the core belief that all people – regardless of race, religion, origin, economic status, sexual orientation or gender identity – deserve access to high-quality education. -health care, education and a safe place to call home. Follow @WeDealInHope on social media or visit to learn more about partner organizations and the important work the community is doing.

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Grand Canyon University Merit Scholarships

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Funding from the university Questions about qualification requirements How to apply? Can they be changed? Private scholarships Funding from external organizations – not university specific How do I receive this scholarship award? Is this scholarship renewable? Did I get the scholarship money or did the university do it?

Chancellor’s Scholarship ($10,750 per year) Minimum incoming 4.0 GPA (unweighted) Maintain a minimum 3.75 GPA and continuous full-time enrollment President’s Scholarship ($8,750 per year) Minimum incoming 3.9 GPA (unweighted) or SAT: 1350 / ACT: 31 Maintain a minimum 3.5 GPA as well as continuous full-time enrollment on the GCU Provost’s Scholarship ($7,750 per year) Minimum incoming 3.7 GPA (unweighted) or SAT: 1225 / ACT: 27 Maintain a minimum 3.3 GPA as well as continuous full-time enrollment in the GCU Dean Scholarship ($6,750 per year) Minimum incoming 3.5 GPA (unweighted) or SAT: 1100 / ACT: 24 Maintain a minimum 3.2 GPA as well as continuous full-time enrollment at GCU Faculty Scholarship ($5,750 per year) Minimum incoming 3.3 GPA (unweighted) or SAT: 1050 / ACT: 22 Maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA as well as continuous and full-time enrollment GCU Antelope Scholarship ($4,750 per year) Minimum of incoming 3 .0 GPA (unweighted) or SAT: 1000 / ACT: 20

Ask your employer about tuition assistance benefits.

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Search for 1 October What do you need? Current tax information Social security number Driver’s license number PIN number Application available at:

Go to Parents and students should apply for a pin number Free to apply Why do I need an ID? Signing the FAFSA electronically

What is the difference? Independent status Must be 24 or older Enlisted or veteran of the US military Married Have children or dependents Working toward your master’s or doctoral degree Deceased parent or state department

Grand Canyon University Merit Scholarships

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